Better Business - New mega trend announced by Trendwatching in 2016 ( July 2016)

Are big brands the answer to a more sustainable, ethical, brighter future for us all?

A powerful convergence of changing consumer mindsets and shifting social and economic realities is driving a trend that big brands are the answer to a more sustainable, ethical, brighter future.

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Some of us might remember it clearly – In Ulysses, a decade ago, we spoke about the changing role of business in society and the need for business to embrace responsible leadership to re-establish trust & become a sustainable force for good. This was around the time when the planes crashed into the world trade towers and the Enron scandal changed the professional services industry forever.

As we hear of more corporate scandals trust in business has declined to an all time low.

Yet, there is evidence that something is changing. We slowly seem to be moving towards a tipping point at a number of levels. Individuals, businesses & societies are advocating & investing into a more responsible & conscious model. This movement is not just happening amongst start-ups or small & medium sized businesses, led by a new generation of enlightened & socially conscious entrepreneurs. There is also an increasing number of large global companies willing to make the long-term bet on building sustainable brands & responsible business, getting back to the core question of their purpose.

Trend Watch has just released their view on this new Megatrend. Their presentation gives a bold & passionate view of what was a very week signal back then when we were holding conversations about this. Perhaps we were just a bit early, but the writing was on the wall.

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